Rockstar Performance Garage

About Us

Nic Ashby– Owner/Operator 

  • Nic founded LDRship Designs in 2009 after years of serving in the military. He is a well known fabricator in the automotive industry and has built some of the wildest rides around.

Rex Bartolome– Shop Manager

  • Rex has been involved in the automotive industry since 2008. He grew up in the Import scene but has been slowly getting more involved in the off-road scene. He helps with all the builds and event preparation here at the garage.      

Dennis Barahona– Media Manager

  • Dennis is not only the media manager here at the garage, but he is also a videographer/editor as well. Dennis makes sure all the content that is created gets sent out to the proper brands we work with on time. 


Casey Schneider- Head Photographer 

  • Action Sports/Adventure photographer capturing most all the images here at the garage and on the road. Casey photographs each event and maintains our galleries with our post show web write ups. 

Cody Huntington– Videographer/Editor

  • Cody is one of our in house videographer/editors who helps produce a lot of the video content whether we’re on the road or in the shop. He also keeps our YouTube channel up to date with the latest videos produced.