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Easter Jeep Safari 2018

Around Easter time each year, the beautiful town of Moab,UT hosts thousands of Jeep enthusiasts for an event known as Easter Jeep Safari. Here at the garage, there were five new Jeep JL’s that were built and ready to test out on the trails. Along with those builds, we had many of our partners there with Rockstar Garage built vehicles. Even the Storm Trooper Garage guys made it out from Texas to have some fun! Always great to get everyone together.  This event brings in some of the top off road manufacturers from around the country as well as some of the most well known built Jeeps around. Along with days of wheeling, there are a few days of booths and show down at the arena. Vendors from all over setup booths to display their products as well as their off road machines. Moab is such an amazing place with so many trails ranging from easy to advanced. We were fortunate enough to test out a wide range of trails and really put our vehicles to the test. Our partners over at R1 Brake Concepts, Scosche Inc., and Red Peak all got the new Jeep JL’s as well as two other brand ambassadors. This year we decided to really have some fun and run the trail known as the Pritchett Canyon trail. It is one of Moabs toughest trails and has claimed many Jeeps that try to conquer it. We took a large group on this trip and everyone made it through the obstacles and drove out! We were very impressed by the performance of the new JL’s we built on this trip. Another highlight of this trip was getting to wheel with the Genright Off road crew. They brought a few of their Jeeps out including Terremoto which is an absolute monster of a Jeep. Along with many Jeeps, we also had Scosche Inc’s new Can-Am out there with us. This thing features parts from UTV Wolfpack and is a lot of fun out on the trails. It kept up with the Jeeps no problem! On one of the last few days, we met up with the Wheels Pros crew for a fun day of trail with a large group. They provided lunch for everyone and did some rad giveaways for the people. Thank you to Dometic Coolers for keeping our drinks and lunches cool while out on the trails throughout the week. Overall, it was a very successful week of driving in some of the most beautiful county on the planet. All of our Jeeps handled great and everyone had a blast! We wanna thank all of our partners who made it out this year. All our parts performed great! We also want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth to chat and grab a drink. We always look forward to this event and already cant wait til next year. 

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