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King of the Hammers 2018

  Every year, Johnson Valley plays host to one of the most brutal off road races in the world! King of the Hammers is known as one of the most difficult races to even finish. Our partners over at Genright Off Road push their limits each year during this race in multiple classes. Jami Pellegrino entered the UTV race once again this year and did an amazing job! Unfortunately, a few mechanical issues prevented him from crossing the finish line within the limited time frame. Great job though Jami! This year was a big year for Jordan Pellegrino, as he moved up into the 4500 class and took the seat of his father Tony. Jordan and co driver Gunnar Velasquez did a great job navigating their way through the insane obstacles and despite a few minor issues, managed to cross the finish line under the respected time. Congrats on an amazing race and completing one of the toughest races around. Cheers to the whole Genright Team on a great KOH! Outside of all the racing action, we had a few of our partners out there with us to have some fun. Spyder Auto came out with a few vehicles of their own to play in the desert. We gathered some rad content and even did an install on a Jeep. Another partner that came out was R1 Concepts. As a new sponsor for team Genright, they were just as excited about race day as we were. R1 also brought out a few vehicles including Battleship JK which was built right here at the garage. Next we had Scosche Inc. out there as well. They brought out a handful of vehicles including their newest overlander Tacoma build, the new 2017 Can-Am, and the all new Jeep JL. We’re excited to get our hands on the new JL and start the build. Speaking of new JL’s, another partner that joined us with their brand new Jeep, was Red Peak 4×4. They got themselves a fresh red JL to play around with and from the looks of things, they seem to really be enjoying it! Despite all the dust and dirt, our vehicles all performed great thanks to K&N Air Filters. Thank you guys for coming out and having some fun with us. Around mid week, we made our way to the Holley EFI Shootout presented by KMC, King, and Action Sports Canopies. Every year this event gets wild! From built Jeeps and Toyotas to fully caged rock bouncers, this show has it all for any off road enthusiast. This year there was a $10,000 prize on the line for anyone who could make it up “Yukon Mountain”. A feat which had never been done before! Only two were able to make it up but only one took home the prize money. To close out this amazing trip, we had the big Genright Off Road KOH Experience. This run brought in over 200 jeeps this year and made for a fun time! Tony Pellegrino led the pack through race course obstacles and along parts of the course that many hadn’t seen before. Huge thank you to Genright for putting this event on and giving us all this experience of a lifetime. King of the Hammers is always an amazing event and we enjoy seeing everyone there. This year went great and we already cant wait til next years event! Hope to see everyone there! 

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