Rockstar Performance Garage

The MetalCloak Stampede

This past weekend, the crew here packed up our bags and headed north to catch the Ultra 4 MetalCloak Stampede with the team from Genright Offroad. This event took place up in Rancho Cordova and was sure to be a fun time considering the amount of mud everywhere. Spectators from all around came to fill the stands and watch some of the craziest off road racing go down. On Saturday, just before the heat races, we met up with Tony Pellegrino and a bunch of other drivers for the Genright Stampede Experience. Genright had lunches ready to go for everyone who joined in on the experience run. Once we all finished lunch, Tony guided everyone around the course along side Dave Cole and let some of the drivers try a few of the obstacles on the race course itself. In between obstacles and track locations, we stopped at multiple viewing points around the course so you could really get a better experience of how wild these races really get. The mud made everything pretty challenging, but we all had a great time during the Experience itself. Overall, we had a great weekend up north! We wanna thank the team at Genright Offroad and everyone who joined in on the experience. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next one! 

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