Our Rockstar Performance Garage Team

Nic Ashby– Owner/Operator


Nic founded LDRSHIP designs in 2009 after years of serving in the
military. He is a well known fabricator in the automotive industry, with multiple
SEMA awards and has built some of the wildest rides around.

Dennis Barahona– Media Manager


Dennis is not only the media manager here at the garage, but he is also a videographer/editor as well. Dennis makes sure all the content that is created gets sent out to the proper brands and clients we work with on time.

Casey Schneider- Lead Photographer


Action Sports photographer capturing the images here at the garage
and on the road. He is responsible for the web write-ups, photo placement in magazines/ads, and distribution of photo materials.

Brandon Dieffenbacher(BabyB)- Shop Worker


Brandon does a little bit of everything for us here at the garage. Somedays you will see him grinding and getting dirty, and other days he is running around taking care of errands. He loves pizza, being called Baby B, and long walks around buc-ee's gas stations. Brandon has helped us out with towing vehicles and helping setup at events and shows. If you see this man, hug him!

Graham Block- Filmer/Editor


When he's not "calmly" arguing with his boss, Graham's main passion is automotive media. He makes riding a sportbike his entire personality and claims he's faster than anything on earth... even though he's not. Graham found his happy place here at the garage and continues to grow alongside the rest of the crew.


Off-Road/Truck Ambassadors

Nick Bishop


Allyn Pierce


Ari "U-Joint" Leopardi


Alexandru Baciu


Mark Eller


Heather Osswald


Tre Fess


Kelsie Heck


Tim Muniz


Lindsey Miragliotta



Scott Durkin


Logan Kallwick



Lila Russell


Cord Killinger


Street/Import Ambassadors

Alexis Ruan


Baczi Lara




Affiliates & Shops

Mitch Moore



Chris Witt



ARW Off-Road & Performance

Bill Adair



B&R Performance


Cameron Cole


Diana Adair


Andy Orlando


Ryan Frericks


Full Throttle Parts

Geoffrey Kubik


Sal Leonardi


Josh Vandegriff


Great American Crawl Brand Partners