What we do at Rockstar Performance Garage

Rockstar Performance Garage is a dynamic B2B and Brand Management company specializing in a range of services. With expertise in Influencer Management, Lead Generation, Content Creation & Management, Social Media Coordination and Event Management, we offer comprehensive solutions to elevate your brand. Additionally, our unique edge lies in our private garage where we passionately build and customize cars and trucks, adding a distinctive touch to our offerings. At Rockstar Performance Garage, we combine creativity, strategy, and automotive craftsmanship to drive success for your business.

The Rockstar Performance Garage Team:

Owner/Operator: Nic Ashby


Nic founded LDRSHIP designs in 2009 after years of serving in the
military. He is a well known fabricator in the automotive industry, with multiple
SEMA awards and has built some of the wildest rides around.

Media Manager: Dennis Barahona


Dennis is not only the media manager here at the garage, but he is also a videographer/editor as well. Dennis makes sure all the content that is created gets sent out to the proper brands and clients we work with on time.

Shop Manager: Kyle Spaargaren


Kyle is our shop manager, without him Rokbugy and Grdloc would be stuck at home instead of crawling all around the US! He also makes sure all of our other projects get done and while at the same time modeling for our brands when needed!

Photographer/Editor: Tweedy


Life is a lot like a camera, focus on what's important, capture the good times and toss the negatives, be relentless in your craft on this journey

Off-Road/Truck Ambassadors

Allyn Pierce


Ari "U-Joint" Leopardi


Alexandru Baciu


Trey Smith


Jordan Davis


Tim Muniz


Scott Durkin


Kelsie Heck


Tre Fess


Cord Killinger


Lila Russell


Robert Braun


Tara Reitz


Enrique Hernandez


Justin Braun


Kamryn Hooper


David Brettschneider


Lily Thompson


Kyle Reeves


Oscar Rodriguez


Aneta Zarzycka


Affiliates & Shops

Chris Witt



ARW Off-Road & Performance

Cameron Cole


Bill Adair



B&R Performance


Andy Orlando


Diana Adair


Dana Gilmore


Ryan Frericks


Full Throttle Parts

Gary Gilmore


Jennifer Nazar


Josh Vandegriff


Lindsey Miragliotta


Danny Diaz


Danielle Cole


Mark Eller


Street/Import Ambassadors

Alexis Ruan


Cameron Curtis


Eric Przyuski


Daniel Moreau


Bree Lovering


Salvador Arriaga


Jibranh Sicairos


Kassie Pulido


Oscar Duran


Great American Crawl Brand Partners