2023 Schedule of Events

Progressive King of the Hammers presented by Optima Battery


When- February 5-11th

Where- Johnson Valley, CA

We will be camped out for the whole week of events! Our media team will be out shooting racing as well as making sure our teams, ambassadors, and affiliates all get content throughout the week. 

The Great American Crawl presented by Mickey Thompson Tires- Kingman, AZ



When- February 24-26th

Where- Kingman, AZ

Come out to Arizona and spend a few days wheeling with our crew and plenty of others through some tough South Western terrain. 

Lonestar Jeep Invasion

When- March 4-5th

Where- Conroe, TX

Come find us and say hello at the largest Jeep only vendor event in Texas! 

Clash of the Clubs/Great American Crawl presented by Mickey Thompson Tires- Katemcy Rocks, TX


When- March 10-12th

Where- Mason, TX 

Multiple clubs battle it out for the top wheeling spot in the country!! Think your club has what it takes?!?! 

Easter Jeep Safari 2023

When- April 1-8th

Where- Moab, UT

We will have a week of trails scheduled with plenty of fun stuff in between! Come out and find us for a chance to wheel with our crew. 

Daytona Jeep Beach

When- April 23-29th 

Where- Daytona Beach, FL

This year will be the 20th anniversary of this event and we still don't know if its a party or a Jeep event...either way, come find us to join in on the fun we'll be having! 

Yukon Adventure Trek- Mexico


When- April 23-29th

Where- Mexico

Headed south of the border for an epic adventure through beautiful terrain in Mexico! 

The Great American Crawl/Yukon Crawl presented by Mickey Thompson Tires- Canvas, WV



When- May 17-21st

Where- Good Evening Ranch, WV

Sign up and join us at one of the most beautiful ranch locations we've ever seen! Won't want to miss this one. 

The Great American Crawl presented by Mickey Thompson Tires- Delta, AL



When- June 2-4th

Where- Delta, AL

Join us for a few days of wheeling at Hawk Pride Mountain Off Road Park! 

Bantam Jeep Heritage Fest- Rolling Rock, PA

When- June 9-11th 

Where- Rolling Rock, PA 

Massive Jeep event that fills up Butler County each year! Come find us for a cold Rockstar and tour of our rigs. 

The Great American Crawl presented by Mickey Thompson Tires- Hollerwood Off Road Adventure Park, KY



When- June 23-25th 

Where- Stanton, KY 

Come out for a few fun days of wheeling followed by a BBQ and raffle full of great prizes! 

The Great American Crawl presented by Mickey Thompson Tires- SMORR, MO



When- July 14-16th

Where- Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch, MO

Come wheel some of the toughest trails around with our crew and push your rig as hard as you can. Be sure to stick around til Saturday evening though cause there will be a BBQ and raffle!

The Great American Crawl presented by Mickey Thompson Tires- Montrose, CO



When- July 28-30th 

Where- Montrose, CO 

Come out to Colorado and join us for a high elevation wheeling trip through beautiful terrain. 

Toledo Jeep Fest

When- August 11-13th 

Where- Toledo, OH 

The weekend of August 4th will be action packed and thousands of Jeep enthusiasts are expected to take part in the festivities. The all Jeep Parade through downtown Toledo will happen, a large-scale Vendor area is there, and much more at this event! 

Great Smokey Mountain Jeep Invasion- Pigeon Forge, TN

When- August 24-26th

Where- Pigeon Forge, TN 

Home of Dolly Partons "Dollywood" Resort, this small town hosts one of the largest Jeep events in the nation.  Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion is an expo for all leading Jeep parts and their accessory vendors, including a Jeep show where several trophies are awarded. Come find us and say hello! 

Wheeling with Warn at Windrock, TN

When- August 27-28th 

Where- Oliver Springs, TN

Come join our GAC crew for a fun couple days of wheeling some of Tennesee's hardest terrain. (or take an easier trail and still have just as much fun with everyone)

The Great American Crawl presented by Mickey Thompson Tires- Disney, OK



When- September 8-10th 

Where- Disney, OK

This will be our first time visiting this park! Come out and show us your favorite trails or climbs. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of people here in Oklahoma.    

The Great American Crawl presented by Mickey Thompson Tires- AOAA Coal Township, PA



When- Septmeber 22-24th

Where- Coal Township, PA 

Come out to meet us for a few days of wheeling in the Upper North Eastern United States. This terrain is certain to mix things up and provide a challenge for those who attempt! 

Trail Hero 2023- Sand Hollow, UT

When- October 2-7th 

Where- Hurricane, UT 

Come out and join us and thousands of other off-road enthusiasts for a fun week of wheeling in Sand Hollow State Park. 

The SEMA Show 2023 Las Vegas, NV

When- October 31st- November 3rd

Where- Las Vegas, NV

Come by our booth to see our latest builds and say hello! This event is massive and we will be there for the whole week of the show. 

The Great American Crawl presented by Mickey Thompson Tires- Windrock, TN



When- November 17-19th 

Where- Windrock, TN 

Come out and join us for our last event for the year! This will be a great event to finish out the schedule and have some fun one last time before preparing for 2024. 

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