2022 Schedule of Events

King Of The Hammers

When- January 25th-February 5th

Where- Johnson Valley, CA

We will be camped out for the whole week of events! Our media team will be out shooting racing as well as making sure our teams, ambassadors, and affiliates all get content throughout the week. 

The Great American Crawl- K2, Texas


Signup- Text GAC2022 to 54696

When- March 11-13th

Where- K2 Texas

Easter Jeep Safari

When- April 10th-16th

Where- Moab, UT

We will be attending EJS this year with plans to hit a new trail each day thoughout the week. If you see us, dont be shy! See everyone there! 

Jeep Beach

When- April 25th- May 1st

Where- Daytona Beach, FL

Jeep Beach in Daytona is always such a fun event filled with so many great people. We will be out there making a presence for a few days with everyone. Feel free to messge us on our social channels to meet up with us and join in on our festivities. See everyone on the beach! 

The Great American Crawl- Hot Springs, AR


Signup- Text GAC2022 to 54696

When- May 20-22nd

Where- Hot Springs, AR

Yukon Gear and Axle Adventure Trek

When- May 31th-June 3rd

Where- Salt Lake, UT-Moab, UT

The Yukon Gear and Axle Adventure Trek is a privite wheeling trip put on by the team at Yukon. It will take place over several days and covers hundreds of miles between Salt Lake City and beautiful Moab, UT. Look for the gallery of images as well as a write up following the event. 

Florida Truck Meet


When- June 9th-12th

Where- Homestead, FL

Trucks, trucks, and you guessed it....more trucks!! Come by this event and find us for cold Rockstar Energy drinks and to see the rigs we bring out. We'll be setup here for all three days of fun in Florida. 

The Great American Crawl- Good Evening Ranch, WV


Signup- Text GAC2022 to 54696

When- June 24-26th

Where- Good Evening Ranch, WV

The Great American Crawl- Las Cruces, NM


Signup- Text GAC2022 to 54696

When- July 15-17th

Where- Las Cruces, NM

The Great American Crawl- Browns Camp, OR


Signup- Text GAC2022 to 54696

When- August 5-7th

Where- Browns Camp, OR

The Great American Crawl- Fordyce, CA


Signup- (Invite Only)

When- September

Where- Fordyce, CA

Premier West Days at Rockstar Performance Garage

When- October 15th 

Where- Rockstar Performance Garage


SEMA Show Las Vegas

When- November 1-5th

Where- Las Vegas, NV

The Great American Crawl- Big Bear, CA


Signup- Text GAC2022 to 54696

When- November 11-13th

Where- Big Bear, CA

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