2004 Infiniti G35, Fallen Heroes, Private Purchase

In 2004, Nic Ashby was serving a 14 month tour in IRAQ as a combat soldier. After serving in IRAQ, he returned home and poured his loses and anguish into a G35 that he built to "Remember the Fallen", the fellow soldiers he lost in war. It debuted to the soldiers families and created something in Ashby that few who have served in War have felt, closure. It left that same day with HIN tour under the National Guard's support and stayed on tour for 2 years, making trips from the east to west coast, becoming a symbol in the automotive market as the National Guard's Fallen Heroes G35. Ashby began to tour with the G35 and became the tuner of the National Guard and National Spokesman of what you can become by serving your country as both a Citizen and a Soldier.

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