2009 Ripp Ram Runner

RIPP introducing their first non Jeep related system, needed a push to gain market shares in an already saturated market. RPG was brought on to create the viral and public spin needed, starting with relationships that span industries a call was made to Baja 1000 wining KORE race team and their relationship to DODGE. Between Bonneville Salt Flat races and Lucas Off Road Expo, a plan to build, execute and launch a video and debut at the Off Road Show was underway. Receiving the Ram Runner from Kore, a split video was made to show the capable Ram Runner and its ability naturally aspirated in the desert of Ocotillo Wells and the retesting in the same desert and same courses with the Ripp Supercharger showing the increases in performance and the savings in time on the timed trials. In just 3 weeks start to finish, the Ram Runner was upgraded with new suspension and driveline parts released by KORE, a new Vortech V-3 Ripp Supercharger System, a detailed wrap by 1daywraps, wheels designed to take the pounding needed by Black Rhino and a video shot on location, edited and released before the public debut of the RIPP Ram Runner.
The overall plan was a success, launching the video through thousands of fans on RPG's and Rockstar Energy's social sites and debuting the Ram Runner at the Off Road Expo. Receiving over 50,000 views in just a few short months and orders for systems being processed at RIPP Superchargers, the mission was a text book execution of what a company needs are and what RPG can provide.
The RIPP Ram Runner made its debut at the 2012 LUCAS OFF ROAD EXPO

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