2013 Chevy Rockstar Energy Camaro

2013 Chevy Camaro, Rockstar Camaro, Chevy Dollar Car Rockstar Performance Garage officially launched in the late spring of 2012 with Rockstar Energy's alliance, the garage became the first Lifestyle Garage for a Lifestyle Company not presenting or sponsoring but owning its own foothold. Such a strong statement needed an even bigger symbol to launch its presence. Chevy having such a strong tie to LDRSHIP, the fit seemed to real not to work. Chevy and RPG locked down the details to build its symbol, a 2013 Chevy Camaro SS Convertible. Changing its traditional auto designs and going into a bold direction, RPG, working closely with Chevy and Rockstar's designers, came up with a design to hide the bold characteristics of the Camaro's exaggerated rear end and brought its more aggressively designed front end. Running a BASF Canary Yellow Pearl paint into the Tapered Black lines that tone down the Camaro's hips. Using the wheels to emphasize this and breaking traditional auto design rules, the wheel colors followed the cars and turned Yellow to Black from Front to Rear as the Camaro Exterior does. Following in past success the details of the Camaro were not undone, Black ALEA Leather, White Piping, black Suede and the same Yellow pearls adorn the interior to a mix of the old Classic and the design of modern day race suits from ALPINESTARS. SEIBON Carbon parts are mixed throughout the Camaro with one piece forged wheels designed and built exclusively for the Rockstar Camaro. Large 16" Brembo GT Brakes sit inside the wheels for a statement of security needed for a Vortech Supercharged L99 engine. Whether your looking for parts like Spyder Auto lighting or Soundstream Audio, this Camaro has parts and details needed to hold its ground as a launching symbol of the most powerful Energy Drink in the World. The Camaro debuted at the 2012 Sema Show in Rockstar's first booth at SEMA and was awarded the BEST DESIGNED EXTERIOR at SEMA by Chevy and given the GM Design Award to go with it.

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