2009 Nissan 350z, Black Ops, Nissan Dollar Car

In 2009, The National Guard pushed into its biggest tour and largest numbers of audience and needed its biggest draw. Nissan stepped up again and Ashby went a new direction from earlier builds to a more performance based car to show the duties of the Guard Soldier and its heritage. The entire body was replaced with SEIBON Carbon and the 3.5L motor was replaced with a Brian Crower 4.2 Stroked VQ. AP Racing Brakes hid behind the 3 piece Asanti wheels and the BC Suspension was the final touch the Z needed for performance. The interior was wrapped in suede and carbon and the exterior carbon parts were accented with flat back BASF paint and both sides of the Z were airbrushed with illustrations of both the War and Natural Disasters duties that National Guard Soldiers are called to serve in.  

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