2010 Chevy Camaro, The Moment, Chevy Dollar Car

CAM_2 In 2010, Chevy accepted a proposal from ASHBY to build the first American Muscle car for the National Guard and the First build for Ashby's new company, LDRSHIP designs. The Camaro followed the Moment campaign for the National Guard and seized the moment like no other. Working with Seibon, they designed and built the first Carbon performance parts for the 5th Gen Camaro. The LS3 got an important upgrade from Vortech Superchargers and the interior was completely redone in tradition old-school hot-rod styling. JBA Long tube headers and exhaust gave it the rumble of an old school muscle and the BBS wheels gave it the feel and look of a modern day pro touring. The Camaro received 2 GM design awards and the Sony Gran Turismo Best Domestic of 2009. The Camaro would be the final build for Ashby under the National Guard.  It marked his success and progress forward as he retired his NON Commissioned Officer status.   The Camaro debuted in Chevys booth at the 2009 Sema Show    

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