6th Annual Clash of the Clubs- Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch


This years Clash of the Clubs event took place out at the Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch in Seymour, MO. This was the 6th annual event and was hosted by B&R Performance, Rockstar Performance Garage, and The Great American Crawl. The event consisted of five clubs from the surrounding area all competing for that top club spot. Each club was to choose three members to represent their team and were also given an unlimited amount of backups in case of breakage or part failure. SMORR is an absolutely massive ranch with over 940 acres of terrain to explore. The crew in charge of the event choose three big obstacle lines for the main runs, plus an additional two bonus lines. The three main lines were timed and only for the clubs who entered the event. The two bonus lines could be done by anyone out at the park and had some awesome cash prizes for whoever made it up the quickest. As the morning of the event came around, the registration line begin to grow with club members. As you got registered, you could also purchase however many raffle tickets you wanted. There were a large amount of raffle prizes from Yukon Gear and Axle, Baja Designs, PowerTank, Rock Jock, K&N Performance, Factor 55, Rugged Radio, and Dirty Life Wheels. As you purchased your tickets, you could place them into whichever drawing bucket you wanted to match the prize you were interested in. Huge thank you to all the brands who helped donate these items for the raffle. As we got the clubs all lined up and ready to head out, we snapped a few group photos and headed out to the first obstacle line. The first spot chosen was “Larry’s Hill”. This massive hill provided plenty of challenging obstacles and entertainment for those watching. After each club had their shot at running the hill, we headed out to location #2…”Double Whammy”. This hill definitely proved itself worthy of a challenge but we got everyone up and down safely. The third and final location was “Wagoneer Hill”. This hill was the longest run or the three and winded up loose rock to a small ledge at the top. Rocks and mud flew everywhere as throttles mashed to the floor on this one! Once the three obstacles were complete, it was time for the bonus lines. The first of the two bonus lines was “Big Smith”. This climb is a super steep wall that leads up to a deeply rutted climb out. Everyone who attempted this hill, made it up eventually after some heavy use of the skinny pedal. The second of the two bonus lines, was a massive waterfall known as “Copperhead”. This wet slick waterfall is one of the most challenging due to the constant water running down and the size of the ledge. Even some of the tube chassis buggies had a hard time handling this one but after multiple attempts, there were a handful of people that made it to the top. Once everyone had their shot at it, we headed back up to the pavilion for some BBQ. Upon arrival, we had burgers, hot dogs, and plenty more all ready to go. Thank you Shadetree Ranch BBQ for the delicious food. As everyone finished up their dinners, the raffle began. Prizes were won and everyone was extremely happy with the what they had taken home. Once all the times were added up, the winning club was “Midwest Jeep Thing”. Huge congrats to them on their back to back wins at Clash of the Clubs. We also want to thank the other amazing clubs that came out. Thank you to Red Dirt Jeep Club, Midwest Krawlers, Make it or Break it, and LOC Crawl Rated for making this event challenging and competitive. Everyone did an amazing job wheeling and helping each other out when needed. We also would like to thank Bill, Diana, Andy, April, Gary, Mitch, David, and everyone else to helped put this event together and make it run so smooth. Shoutout to Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch for hosting this event. Next years location has not yet 100% been confirmed, but we hope to see everyone there again for another amazing one. Be sure to check out our partners pages to see how we keep wheeling weekend after weekend with some of the best around. Thank you again to everyone who came out and be sure to check out the gallery of images below!

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