Yukon Adventure Trek 2022 presented by Mickey Thompson Tires


After an amazing trip last year on the BDR(Backcountry Discovery Route) trail in Washington, it was decided we had to do it again! For this years location, we started near Park City, UT at Sexton Off-Road and drove the BDR trail all the way to beautiful Moab, UT. This journey would take us over 150+ miles of dirt roads, snow, and more! We arrived in Park City on Tuesday evening and proceeded over Sexton Off-Road where most of the crew had met up. We chatted for awhile, ate some amazing dinner, and received a few awesome gifts from the crew at Yukon Gear and Axle. Thank you to the Sextons and also team Yukon. As Wednesday morning came around, we met up once again at Sexton Off-Road for an amazing breakfast and a drivers meeting to begin the adventure. Park City, UT is already at a high elevation, but as we began the journey, we found ourselves climbing even higher to a point where we reached a few feet of snow. Due to the amount of snow, some of the vehicles were limited to how far they could make it. We ended up playing around in the snow for awhile and had some lunch, but eventually had to turn around and find another way around to continue the trip. After quite a few more miles of road, we ended up finding a nice place to camp up near 8000ft. Everyone spent some time getting their tents setup and camping gear out. The Letz Roll Off-Road team had volunteered themselves to get dinners going each night, good friends Paula and Mark from Jeep’n’Gypsies volunteered to get the breakfast going each day, and the Sextons had covered our lunches. Thank you to all of you for spoiling us with such amazing food on this trip. We ended the first night around the campfire catching up with everyone. Great first day out in mountains of Utah! As the sun rose to began day two, people began to wake from their tents after a chilly night at high elevation. We had a delicious breakfast, packed up camp, and continued our way towards Moab. We made a quick stop in Heber City for fuel and a few snacks and kept moving. After a few hours of driving through trees, river crossings, and meadows; we made it all the way up to 10,000ft elevation! The air was crisp and the sun was warm but after a quick break, we kept moving down mountain. We stopped for lunch at an area along the highway that had some cool petroglyphs on the walls and a balance rock that was massive. After lunch, we headed out through “9 Mile Canyon”. This drive had crazy rock formations and the road winded through some amazing places. After another quick fuel stop, we continued on to our second nights camp location. This spot had trees and just enough cover to keep us out of the wind. We enjoyed dinner an a beautiful sunset to close out the last night of camping on the trail. As the final day came, we made our way from the mountains, down into the rocky desert. After some driving, we came across the “Jurassic National Monument” museum. The Jurassic National Monument contains the densest concentration of Jurassic-aged dinosaur bones ever found. Over 12,000 bones (belonging to at least 74 individual dinosaurs) have been excavated at the quarry. They were even currently digging up new bones while we were there! Pretty rad place to visit. We then continued on to an area that had an old ghost town, historic cemetery, and even some petroglyphs from the BC era! Pretty crazy that Utah has been able to preserve this area so carefully. As the sun began to set, we made our way out of the rocks on the north end of Moab and headed south into town where the hotel and showers await! We were greeted with some late night pizza and a couple beverages to finish off the trip. This one was an absolute blast and we cant thank the team at Yukon Gear and Axle as well as Mickey Thompson Tires for making it all happen. We also would like to thank the Sextons for lunches each day and the hospitality at their home. It was great to see everyone and catch up. There is nothing like camping with your friends! Be sure to check out all our partners sites to see what keeps us going out there on the trail.

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