Easter Jeep Safari 2019


This year for Easter Jeep Safari, we had quite the crew lined up for a rad week of wheeling some of the best trails Utah has to offer. As of 2019, our Rockstar Garage ambassador list grew to a much larger size so we knew this year was gonna be a big year for us to represent and really capture some amazing content. Each year thousands of off road drivers and enthusiasts head into to the small town of Moab, UT. This place is amazing and this event is something that we look forward to each year. For day one this year, we took the crew out on a trail known as Metal Masher. This trail was the perfect trail to get the week warmed up and get ready for some tougher obstacles. Day two was Cliffhanger, and on this trail you wont make it if you are afraid of heights. This trail has amazing views that tower above the canyon floors. For day three of the week, we chose a bit harder of a trail known as Pritchett Canyon. This is one of the harder trails that Moab has to offer and can really get ya in a mess if things don’t go right. Always a fun time on this one because you get to watch people push through obstacles that they thought werent possible. On day four we chose the trail known as Behind the Rocks. This trail was way too much fun because towards the end, there is huge sand dune area that we all got to play in and really throw some roost in the air. On day five, we chose another trail with an insane view. This trail is known as Gold Bar Rim and has some fun obstacles to really test your ability off road. For day six, we chose a shorter trail to have some fun and capture more content with all the ambassadors. This trail has an amazing river view and is known as Moab Rim. To finish off an amazing week, we linked up with the crew from KMC Wheels for their big KMC Jeep run on Flat Iron Mesa. There is always a large group of people for this one and its rad to see such a variety in Jeeps and driving techniques. We cant thank all of our ambassadors from around the country enough for coming out and having some fun with us, as well as all of our partners that help build these Jeeps. We had another successful year with barely any trail issues! Over 1000 images were produced as well as a ton of video content and we look forward to sharing it all with everyone through social media and marketing. Thank you everyone who made this year another amazing year at EJS.

Photo's from the event

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