Easter Jeep Safari 2022


As this years Easter Jeep Safari rolled around, we began to make the plans to figure out what trails we were gonna do and who was gonna be there with us. The beautiful area of Moab, UT has so much to offer and we wanted to really make sure that we took full advantage of this while we were there. As packing and planning wrapped up, we made the 12hr trek up into Utah and made it to our condos. We arrived Sunday evening which gave us time to get all the prep done that we needed and ready for a week of wheeling. On Monday morning, we met up with the crew from Dirty Life Wheels out at the Pritchett Canyon trailhead. Once everyone got aired down and finished chatting, we headed out to conquer one of the toughest trails that Moab has to offer. Our intent for this trail was to go down to the end and come back. Due to a few trail fixes along the way, we decided against that and headed out on the road once we reached the end. Always such a tough trail but we made it through once again with a great group of wheelers and friends. On Tuesday morning, we woke up and went out to play on “Potato Salad Hill” with a small group of ambassadors and affiliates. This is a fun hill to play around on for most everyone out there. Cameron Cole brought out one of our latest builds to finally test out and have some fun with. After a few climbs, you could tell he and his family were all having a great time in the new Jeep. As 3pm rolled around, we met up with team Yukon Gear and Axle for their annual night run and dinner. From the dinosaur museum we drove out to a trail called “Backwards Bill”. We spent a few hours cruising the trail and getting everyone up Wipeout Hill. We then proceeded a few more miles up the trail where the team at Yukon had a dinner setup for us and a huge tent to help keep us all warm. Huge thank you to everyone at Yukon for a great meal and fun afternoon on the trail. After eating, the group split ways for the evening. Some went and did a trail called “The Pickle”, while others took a road out and headed back into town. The following morning, we met up with the crew from Mickey Thompson Tires for a run out on Cliffhanger. This is one of Moab’s more scenic trails and is full of amazing views and fun obstacles to play on. The crew from Mickey Thompson even drove their vehicles on this trail by themselves and handled every challenge very well. We made it all the way to end point, hung out and had some lunch, and then headed back just before dark. On Thursday, we had to do one of the “must do” trails while in Moab…..Moab Rim! Just like everyone else, we love this trail. Its got amazing views and a few pretty tricky off camber climbs. We usually go up to the top to check out the view and then come back down. On this trip, we continued further to the dune/sand hill area. Once everyone had their fun in the sand, we turned around and headed back down the trail to the exit. To close out our final day in Moab, we chose Golden Spike and Rusty Nail. These trails are also very well known for their amazing views that look out over the red rock of Utah. We made it out to the infamous Golden Crack and had some lunch on the rocks for awhile before heading out on the Rusty Nail side and back to town. Moab this year was a blast and we already cant wait to get back out there and see everyone again. Huge thank you to all the brands who came out and helped support us out there. Be sure to visit the “Our Partners” page on our site to check out the products some of these companies have to offer! We also would like to thank all of our ambassadors/friends who made it out to spend a week of wheeling with us. We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

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