Easter Jeep Safari 2023


There is a large Jeep event each year that takes place out in beautiful Moab, UT. This event is known as “Easter Jeep Safari” and we packed up to head back for another year of wheeling. This year was the 57th annual EJS in Moab. We arrived Sunday evening and spent the night preparing for a long week ahead. This trip is the first trip that “Rokbugy” had made it to Moab to wheel and we had “Grdloc” as well all week. There were also three new builds that we had coming out with us. Chris Witt brought out his newly built gladiator, Andy Orlando brought his gladiator, and Motobilt Inc. brought out their latest gladiator build to have some fun. We had a pretty full schedule of trails planned out for each day out there. The trails we choose this year ranged from easier ones like “Kane Creek”, all the way up to “Coyote Canyon”. As Monday morning came, we headed out to the Kane Creek trail head to meet up for the Yukon Gear and Axle run. We had quite the group for this trail so we knew it would be a long fun day. As we ventured out into Kane Creek trail, we realized that this trail was still pretty flooded from all the recent rains. Much the drive was spent forging riverways and driving up streams but there were still a few good rock climbs to keep everyone entertained. Thank you Team Yukon for a fun trail day! As Tuesday came, we linked up with the crew from Dirty Life Wheels for a run up “Pritchett Canyon”. This trail is know to have some of the toughest climbs in Moab. Even since the past year, so much of this trail had been changed or dug out from rain and others wheeling it. We accepted the challenge and began our journey. We were led by John Grounds in his Ultra 4 race car which set quite a pace for the rest of the pack. We also had Josh Atteberry with us in his 4600 class Bronco which was fun to watch out there. Once we made it through “Chewy”, “Rocker Knocker”, “Axle Hill”, and “Yellow Hill” we had finally reached the end of the trail. If you know this trail though, you know it isn’t over yet! Once you make it out, the drive back to civilization is still at least an hour or so. Overall a fun/successful day out on Pritchett. Thank you Dirty Life Wheels for a fun day. Wednesday was our run out on “Metal Masher” with the crew from Mickey Thompson Tires. Metal Masher has a few awesome waterfall style climbs that make for a fun day. This trail also leads up to an amazing view that looks over Moab’s landscape. We even got a little snow on us while out on the trail which added to the fun. Thank you Mickey Thompson Tires for a fun trail run with everyone. On Thursday we drove all the way out to “Area BFE”. This area of Moab is privately owned and operated and they do a great job of keeping track of whos out on the trails. We spent a good portion of the day playing around in the playground. The playground was an open area that had plenty of good rock ledges and climbs to stay busy. Once we got Rokbugy back in the group, we headed up “Green Day” for a fun few hours of wheeling before the sun set. Thank you to the crew at Area BFE for letting us come have some fun. As the bittersweet final day came, we knew we had to go out with a bang. Fridays adventure took us out to “Coyote Canyon”. This is a permit only trail and can take years to make happen. We want to give a huge thank you to Robert and Jennifer Beck for allowing us to come out and wheel this trail with them. Coyote Canyon is no joke! This trail is short and full of vehicle sized boulders that lay directly in your path. It takes finesse, skills, and some body damage to make it through most of the trail. Two of our rigs payed the price and had a few minor fixes to make. We had a tub get some minor damage and also a broken driveshaft that was repaired on the spot. After a few hours, we had everyone back to the road and off the trail. This year at EJS was a blast. We want to thank all of our ambassadors, friends, and brands that all made it out for a week of fun with us. We’re already planning and looking forward to next year and we cant wait to see everyone there. Be sure to check out our brands page to see what keeps us going day to day during our adventures. See you at the next one!

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