EJS 2021 and The Great American Crawl 2021


Despite the cancellation of the vender portion of EJS, thousands of Jeep enthusiasts made their way to Moab, UT for a rad event known as “Easter Jeep Safari”. This event takes place each year and allows large amounts of Jeepers to come check out what the beautiful town of Moab has to offer along with all the rad off road trails that surround it. As we arrived at our condo, the sun was just setting but we still had something big planned. The first look and reveal of one of our newest builds, the Rock Hound! This Jeep was a full custom build with many extras. The owner, our good friend Mitch, couldn’t have been happier with the build and the look on his face said it all. We spent much of the first day wheeling giving this build a shakedown/test. Everything worked great and the Jeep dominated everything we could throw at it! Check out our builds page for more on this Jeep. After the reveal, we got settled in and ready for a long week of wheeling on a different trail each day. We spent the entire week out exploring some trails that we have seen before, as well as a few new ones we haven’t seen. Our friends over at Yukon Gear and Axle put together a fun night run one night and even had a nice dinner waiting for everyone who joined in on the run. Thank you to the team at Yukon! As Saturday came around, we started up our days of “The Great American Crawl”. During these days, we selected trails that would be fun for everyone and challenging in some places. We were very thankful for everyone who came out to join in on the fun and play around on the rocks with us. Our last trail day was Sunday and we finished it up by wheeling up a more scenic yet off camber trail known as Moab Rim. Great views with challenging obstacles made for a fun and final day out there. Thank you again to everyone who came out and joined us as well as all the brands we work with who helped make this trip happen. Also a huge thank you to all our ambassadors who made it out there. We appreciate you! Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!

Photo's from the event

Great American Crawl Brand Partners