King of the Hammers 2019


One of the biggest off road races in the US takes place each year in a desert location known as Johnson Valley. This place contains some of the most brutal off road conditions to ever be driven on. From high speed desert sections to crawling over massive rocks, King of the Hammers has it all! With the recent launch of the new Genright Off Road IFS racecar, this event was certain to be a fun one. Driver Jordan Pellegrino and his team put in so much hard work and preparation for this event and came out turning heads everywhere they went. This event is one of the hardest in the world to even finish and we’re proud of the whole Genright Off Road team for having the car ready in time for race day and even qualifying in the ninth place spot. One of the newest sponsors, Mickey Thompson Tires, outfitted the racecar with the new Baja Boss off road tire and it performed flawlessly both outside of race day and during the race. That shows how durable these things really are! Prior to race day, we are lucky enough to take some of our own vehicles out and play around a little. We teamed up with Spyer Auto and R1 Concepts for some pre-race off road action and went to explore the desert. There are so many fun obstacles and sections of desert to play around on, that options are almost endless. The vehicles built here at the garage love to be out in these conditions pushing the limits of how capable they really are. Sure enough, they all performed as expected and we had a blast capturing what these things can really do. Once again this year, the people of Hammertown did not disappoint! We ran into and chatted with some rad people and got to check out some crazy custom builds from all around. One of our favorite events to watch each year is the Shootout Challenge. This year we went to help represent and capture images for KMC Wheels as well as Yukon Gear and Axle. From garage built Toyotas to custom rock bouncers, this event is absolutely insane to watch! Towards the end of the week and after racing is complete, we team back up with the Genright Off Road crew for the KOH Experience Run. Tony Pellegrino and his son Jordan took over 100 Jeeps and jeep enthusiasts out on race course for a fun day of seeing exactly what these drivers have to race through. Halfway through the day, we all stop for a fully catered lunch in desert thanks to  the Genright guys. Thank you to everyone who came out on this run with us and helped support a great team! This was a great year for us as well as all of our partners. We wanna thank everyone for all the support during this wild week at KOH. We already cant wait to be back in Hammertown again next year!

Photo's from the event

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