Sand Hollow 2020


This place has to be one of our favorite places to go out and wheel with the crew. With anything from sand dunes to intense rock obstacles, Sand Hollow, UT has it all. For this trip we were joined by two of our ambassadors, Mischief Maker and The Pandra. Our partners over at CVT Tents also joined in and met up with us for a fun wheeling trip. We were fortunate enough to have the Trail Hero crew there with us to show us some of the toughest obstacles around. Our shop build GRDLOC, recently went trough a Mickey Thompson tire swap and is now running the Baja Pro XS tire. This tire did absolutely incredible on every thing we threw at it! Another special guest that joined us, was good friend Constance Nunes. We have an upcoming project with her so we figured she better get some seat time in before the build is complete. She went straight into the drivers seat of GRDLOC for he first experience wheeling! She did a great job and even made it up some tough obstacles like “The Chute”. We also decided to put Allyn(owner of The Pandra) in the drivers seat and let him get a feeling for the built off road machine. The beauty of this place never disappoints and we will for sure be returning soon to capture more amazing moments. Thank you to our ambassadors, CVT Tents, and Trail Hero for making this one a fun trip!


Photo's from the event

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