SEMA escape to Moab, UT


This year, with the cancellation of The SEMA Show, we packed up and headed to Utah for a fun week of trails in Moab! This trip brought out some of our partnerd brands like Scosche Inc., Genright Off Road, R1 Brakes, Mickey Thompson, Rugged Radios, Magnaflow, and Yukon Gear and Axle. On Day one, we met up with the crew from Mickey Thompson Tires and spent the day on the Fins and Things trail. They brought out select executives to get off road and really get a feel for how good their tires actually work. They also brought out a BRAND NEW tire to do some testing on. This new tire is scheduled for release within the first quarter of the new year and we cant wait to show off how well it performed. For day two, we decided to go out and play around on Poison Spider Mesa. We had the R1 Gladiator, the Mickey Thompson vehicles, the Genright crew, the Roqtaco, Mischief Maker, and Trail Reaper all with us for a fun day. We shot content for new tire release and made our way out after a few hours of wheeling. On day three, we had Hells Revenge on the schedule. We spent some time playing around on Hells Gate, Mickeys Hot Tub, and Escalator. All pretty challenging obstacles that tested both drivers and their vehicles. Day four was our heavy day out on one of the hardest trails in Moab….. Pritchett Canyon! This trail is known to not be very forgiving, but that’s what makes it fun. Led by GRDLOC, a group of Jeeps headed out to begin the adventure. Among these jeeps were Mischief Maker, Team Genright, Trail Reaper, and two other guests who joined us. We spent most of the day out on the trail and then headed in for dinner. Moving into day five, we began meeting up with people from all over nation to start off The Great American Crawl. We had some familiar faces as well as some new faces, but we cant thank everyone enough for coming out! For the first day of TGAC, we grouped up at Dixie 4X4 and headed out to the trail known as Behind The Rocks. We made it through High Dive/ Upchuck with only a couple close calls, then stopped for lunch at Balcony Arch. After lunch, a few of us broke off and headed to play in the sand dunes while the others went to White Knuckle Hill. For day two of TGAC we headed out to do Steel Bender. This trail is rated a six out of ten and has nine mile option or you can do a 14 mile loop. We love to max our time in such a beautiful place, so we went with the 14 mile loop. We spent some time at The Wall getting everyone through safely and then continued on to hopefully beat the incoming storm. For the last and final day, we met up and took everyone to “The Pickle” and “Mashed Potato Bowl. This is a shorter trail but still has a few challenging obstacles to get up. After completing The Pickle, we went on to Mashed Potato/Gravy Bowl. A massive bowl full of water to make it even more fun! We got everyone who wanted to try it through without any problems. Overall another great day! Huge thank you to all of our brands who contributed to this trip and helped us get parts we needed. We also wanna thank those who came out from Mickey Thompson to be part of this as well as those who travelled and made it to The Great American Crawl event! It was a great week with so many amazing people. We can wait to see everyone in 2021!

Photo's from the event

Great American Crawl Brand Partners