The Great American Crawl- Adventure Off-Road Park(AOP)


For the third stop of The Great American Crawl, we decided to head back to Tennessee to check out another insane park known as Adventure Off-Road Park or AOP. This park was very similar to Windrock in a sense that it had very hard and technical lines everywhere in the park. AOP had also just received quite a bit of rain a few days before we arrived, which made everything very slick! First day of wheeling was Friday. We choose a Gatekeeper trail that lead up to Mouthwash to get warmed up on. If you know this park, both Gatekeeper and Mouthwash are not easy ones but we got everyone through and back to the parking lot in time for dinner. On Saturday, we got up early and headed up to the George Winter trail for a fun few hours of wheeling. We came down around 2pm with everyone, ate some lunch, and then headed back out to play on Area 51. Area 51 is known as a large technical playground that will provide plenty of challenges for even the most experienced wheelers. On Sunday, the final day, we decided to check out a new area of the park with trails known as Little Caesars and Soup Samich. Both these trails are very difficult trails that put some of our toughest builds to the test and even brought out a winch or two to assist those who couldn’t quite make it. Luckily our Mickey Thompson Tires, Yukon Gears, R1 Brakes, and many other rugged parts held up great and made things much easier on us. We cant thank all of our partners enough for making such incredible parts that keep us going week after week thru some of the hardest stuff out there. After three fun days of exploring and wheeling in this park, we came to the conclusion that this could be one of our favorites so far! We highly recommend checking this place out if you get a chance. We would like to thank everyone who came out to this one to wheel with us and have some fun. We look forward to another fun weekend on September 18-20th in Black Mountain, KY for the next stop of TGAC. See you guys soon!

Photo's from the event

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