The Great American Crawl- Choccolocco Park, AL


Our last East Coast stop of The Great American Crawl took us to Choccolocco Park in Alabama for a fun adventure and a new park for many of us. We’ve heard all about how difficult this park can be(especially when wet), but we had to find out for ourselves. As we arrived on Thursday, we had a few surprises up our sleeves for a couple of our ambassadors. Our good friends Alex and Ari had been running Mickey Thompson tires but we were fortunate enough to surprised them with some brand new wheels from Wheel Pros! Alex got some KMC Grenades in a custom orange color to match his Jeep. Ari got a fresh new set of Black Rhino Rift wheels that really set off the whole look of her Jeep as well. It was great to surprise two of our people that work hard to make all this happen. Our next surprise, was getting Mitch aka Jetblue Jku on his new set of Mickey Thompson “Stickys”. These tires are made specifically for race or heavy off road use. With a much softer compound, we knew Mitch was a perfect candidate for a set of these. After that, we spent a few hours getting everyone switched over to their new sets of wheels and tires. As Friday came around, we were excited to get up to the park and get the crawl moving on the trails. We gathered up those who had made it out, got everyone signed in, and headed out in the hills of Alabama. We started out on a trail known as ” Dang it Charlie” and worked our way over to a wild area called “TeePee”. Both these trails were slick, wet, and purposed their own difficulties within them. As our big day(Saturday) rolled around, we had a ton of people showing up for a fun couple days of wheeling with our crawl group. First and foremost, we had to go straight to “Boat Ramp”. A super wet and slippery rock slab that can roll you right over if you aren’t careful about line choice. After a lot of winching, we got everyone up and out of there and headed over to “Playground”. This area was a steep hill with huge rocks and multiple lines. We had everything from Jeep JL’s to full rock bouncers out there attempting this hill. A few even lifted tires into the air!!(check photos). After this, we took everyone over to “Backside”. An absolutely insane hill climb with three different line choices; all of which were very difficult. We played around on this for awhile and let some of the tougher rigs work their way to the top of the climb. Impressive climb for those who made it up! Once everyone was done playing, we headed in to begin the BBQ and the raffle. Everyone got to enjoy some burgers and dogs cooked up right there at the park. After the food settled, we began the raffle and gave away some rad products from many amazing companies. Everyone seemed to have a blast and enjoy their time. We cant thank everyone enough for coming out to this event. Despite this being our last East Coast event for the year, we will be back again! Cheers!

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