The Great American Crawl- Good Evening Ranch, WV


As our last “East Coast” stop of the year, we headed out to one of the more scenic places we’ve been to….Good Evening Ranch in West Virginia. This place is a privately owned family friendly destination located right in Canvas, West Virginia. When you get here, you will find beautiful pastures and ponds sprawling through the West Virginia countryside. The Good Evening Ranch hosts 400 acres and offers rustic cabins, campsites, a restaurant, bar, horse stables, rodeo arena, playground, hiking trails, biking, ATV trails and much more. We arrived to the park on Friday morning and met up with our affiliate/ambassador members and a few other folks who had showed up for the GAC event. Once we got everyone registered, we formed groups from beginner to expert and hit the trails. We spent most of day one collecting media and playing out on a trail known as “Cripple Creek”. This trail took us most of the day but was a beautifully green and wet trail that we all had fun on. As day two rolled around, we had quite a few more people showing up to get registered for the crawl event. It was great to see so many people come out and wanna wheel with everyone. We spent a few hours in the morning getting everyone lined up and signed up, then we hit the trails for another fun filled day with friends. With the group we were in, we spent some time out at the beginning of the day playing on “Ice Cream Hill”. We then made our way over to “Rubicon” which made for a few good challenges for a few folks. Once we finished up with Rubicon, we dropped over to a playground area known as “Honey Hole”. This area provided a large amount and wide variety of obstacles for everyone to have some fun on. As everyone finished up their fun in the Honey Hole, we moved farther down the road to an extremely narrow trail known as “Key Hole”. This trail has a tight entrance that can prevent most people from even reaching the obstacle. If you make it through the beginning, you still have a tall rock climb to get out! Super fun trail to watch the different rigs attempt. Once we got everyone off the trails for the evening, we began cooking for the BBQ and getting ready for the raffle. Thank you Andy for cooking once again and huge thank you to the brands who helped donate such great prizes for the raffle. One great thing we loved about this park, is how close everything is. Most all the trails are within walking distance to camp if you break down or need any help. Another great thing about this park, are the owners and staff. Everyone staff member was very nice and helped us out tremendously. Huge thank you to the park and its crew. We also want to thank everyone who came out and joined us for a couple days of wheeling. This park was definitely up there as one of our favorites and we hope to come back soon. Check out our partners pages on our website to see what keeps us on the trail. Next stop is Las Cruces, NM and we hope to see everyone there. Cheers!

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