The Great American Crawl- Gulches Park, SC


As The Great American Crawl continues, our sixth stop of the year took us to Gulches Off Road Park in South Carolina! This park appeared to be one of the smaller parks in size that we’ve been to, but it packs some of the toughest terrain we’ve seen yet. First off, we wanna give a huge thank you to the Gulches Park staff and owners. They welcomed us to their park with open arms and even extended their parking lot size so we could fit everybody in. They also laid down parking lines which made it easy for everyone coming in to know where to park. Awesome job and thank you! As Friday morning came, we got in around 8am to begin signups and vehicle prep. Friday was a smaller group day, as people are still traveling and getting in to prepare for the weekend. Once we had everyone signed up and in their proper lines, we headed out to see what this park had to play on. We split up groups from easy to hard so everyone could wheel at their comfort level. To start things off, we headed over to a trail called “Radical Ravine”. This had three line options ranging from a huge V notch, to a simpler rocky line for the less capable. We played around in that area for some time and then came down through “shipwreck” to close out the day. On Saturday, we showed up to an almost near full parking lot. We spent some time signing people in and getting people lined up and then hit the trails! Saturday was full of some wild obstacles and trail features that pushed our Jeeps to the max. We tested out “TNT” and even did “Heartbreaker”. Heartbreaker is an insanely deep v notch that put three or four of our bigger Jeeps on their sides! After a few attempts of getting people through that, we headed in for our lunch cook off and raffle. We were fortunate enough to get the taco truck from Tacos and Blah Blah Blah and they made us all some amazing food that stuffed everyone there. After everyone was done eating, we got together and did the raffle. We gave away all kinds of prizes to multiple happy winners. Thank you to all the brands who donated our raffle prizes to make this happen! Once we ran out of prizes, headed back out for a few more hours of fun near “Skips Lookout”. An open area with multiple hill climbs and ledges as well as an open area for people to park and watch the action. Once everyone got their fix of wheeling in, we headed back to the parking lot to pack things up and say our goodbyes. We cant thank everyone enough for coming out to this event. It awesome to see so many returning faces at each event, as well as so many new ones. The next stop will be August 26th-29th at Choccolocco Park, AL and we hope to see you there!

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