The Great American Crawl- Hollerwood, KY


For this next stop of The Great American Crawl, we headed out to Kentucky to test out Hollerwood Park. We’ve heard all about how difficult parts of this park can be so we were excited to get out there and do some wheeling. We arrived at the park Friday morning, and got everyone all checked in. With an upcoming storm, we knew we had to get as much wheeling in as possible before things got slick! Luckily the rains held off for us on Friday and we had a great day of wheeling with a lot of amazing people. We had a few minor breaks within the groups but we were able to get everyone off the trail. On Saturday, we headed out to do “Little Widow Maker” and “Widow Maker”. Both are very challenging trails with huge boulders and a lot of water. The Warn winches were definitely put to good use on this one! The storm was really pounding on Saturday and kept giving us periods of pouring rain. This made everything super slick and almost impossible to climb some of the ledges within the park. After a long day of wheeling Saturday, we all made it back to the parking lot for the BBQ and raffle. Luckily the rain held off for that time and we all had a blast. Big thank you to Bill Adair for all the delicious pork!! On Sunday, we got up early to wheel knowing that a few people had to get on the road by noon. We headed over to “Holiday Hill” which lead us down to “Gate Keeper”. Gate Keeper is a massive V notch that can cause quite a bit of body damage if not done right. Both GRDLOC and Total Choas made it up with only light scratches. After noon, we headed out to a trail known as “Firebreak”. This trail is known to flip Jeeps end over end. Rock Hound went down first and lifted the rear tires up a couple feet in the air. GRDLOC went down next and the whole rear end lifted about 8ft in the air!(Check the photo gallery below) Wild! After they got turned around and blasted back up, we headed in and called it a day. Huge shoutout to the guys from Powertank for making it out to their first GAC event. Hope you guys can join us again soon! Thank you to everyone who made it out to join us on this one and huge thank you to Hollerwood Park crew for taking care of us while we were there. Next stop Gulches Offroad Park, SC!

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