The Great American Crawl- Hot Springs, AR


One of our farther East trips for the year brought us out to Hot Springs, AR for a fun trip with the GAC crew. The Hot Springs Off-Road Park offers 1,242 acres of off-road trails for you to explore. From gorgeous year-round scenic views to challenging rock crawling terrain, there is something for everyone here. We arrived in town on Thursday evening and prepared for a weekend of wheeling. As Friday came around, we showed up at the park first thing in the morning to get our booths and tents setup. People started to flow in so fast that the line of vehicles had made its way all the way to the road. As we got people registered, we had them head up to the upper parking lot to stage and get in the proper line. We ran a few different groups of people due to the amount of people and also the capability of each vehicle. After registration closed, we headed up for the drivers meeting and then it was time to head out. Our group that the media team went out with drove out to “Ingrid’s revenge” to start the day. We eventually made our way over “Bailey’s Boulders” as well as “Donnie’s Hill”. Donnie’s hill can be tough and actually led to a Jeep lightly flopping on its side. Luckily everyone was okay and thanks to some good Warn/Factor 55 gear, they drove the Jeep out on its own power. These trails all had their own challenges and made for quite a fun first day on the trails. Saturday was set to be our big day as long as the weather held off. As people rolled in, we got more people registered and up to their groups. We started out the day on the “Ultimate Adventure Trail” where we played around on a few side trails as well. After an almost full day of wheeling, we decided to check out a notoriously tough hill climb called “Concrete Hill”. This slick and slippery V notch climb is full of loose rock and steep angles. GRDLOC turned out to be the only vehicle to attempt this hill and just about roasted itself(see images) in the process. Thank you to everyone who helped out! After we all made it back to the parking lot, it was time to prepare for the BBQ and raffle. Andy Orlando was kind enough to cook us all up some burgers and fried potatoes. Huge thank you to Andy and everyone who helped make the BBQ as delicious as it was. As the evening came to a close, we finished up with the raffle. We raffled off gift certificates from PRP Seats, Artec Ind., and Yukon Gear and Axle. We also had a Scosche prize package and a set of Dirty Life Wheels! Congrats to all the winners and thank you everyone for making this trip so much fun. Huge thank you the owners and staff at Hot Springs Off Road Park for amazing hospitality. Be sure to check out our partner’s pages to see what keeps us going out there on the trail. The next GAC stop will be in West Virginia and we hope to see everyone there!

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