The Great American Crawl- Johnson Valley, CA


As the year gets closer to an end, we headed out to wheel in the high desert area known as Johnson Valley. We had originally chose to host the event up in Big Bear, CA, but due to wildfires and weather we decided it was best to move the event to the desert. Johnson Valley is known for hosting one of the largest off road events in the world… King of the Hammers! We arrived on Friday around mid day and knocked out a quick media shoot for the team over at Dirty Life Wheels. We then linked up with a few of our ambassadors as well as a few people there for the crawl event. The decision was made to head up to “Chocolate Thunder” first to check it out and make a few passes. Once we completed there, we all drove over to take a look at “Backdoor”. This obstacle was dug out to the max and there was no way any of these Jeeps would make it up. A few people put some tires on it, but never made it up to the top! Once the night fell, we headed back to the house to get ready for a Saturday of wheeling. We woke Saturday to a chill 30 degree air temp and beautiful sunny skies. After arriving at camp, we gave everyone some time to get unloaded and warmed up. Once ready, the decision was made to run a tough trail known as “Sledgehammer”. This trail is known to get hard right around Plaque Rock and just above. We had a few vehicles with us that we more capable than others, so after getting those through, we had to work as a team to get the others out. Grdloc did absolutely great on the new 44 inch Baja Boss from Mickey Thompson. Very impressed with this new tire so far! When everyone was finally out of Sledgehammer, we headed back to camp just before the sunset to knock out some interviews and finish off the evening. We would love to thank those who made it out to wheel with us despite the change in location. We still had a blast out there and hope to see everyone again soon. Keep your eyes peeled for the 2023 schedule that will be dropping before the new year. Huge thank you to everyone who attended, worked at, or helped crawl in any way! Couldn’t have had such a great year without all of you. We would also love to thank all the companies we partner with who help make all this possible. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone again next year. Cheers!

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