The Great American Crawl- Katemcy Rocks, TX


The first stop of the 2022 Great American Crawl took us to Katemcy Rocks(K2) out in Mason, TX. As the first stop of the year, we had a large amount of sign ups for this event. Looking at all the familiar names along with plenty of new ones had us excited to get out and start wheeling with everyone. We arrived at the park on Friday morning and got the sign up sheets out. As people showed up, we got them checked in, lined up, and ready to head out. The weather on Friday held up just enough to get out and have some fun. Despite the cold temps, everyone still had a blast and enjoyed some challenging/fun trails. On Friday we went out to “Devils Draw”, “King of the Hill”, “Round Table”, “King Arthur”, and a couple more obstacle areas of the park. As the day wrapped up, we spent the evening huddled around camp fires and smug pots to stay warm. On Saturday morning, we showed up to a much larger crowd than the previous day which was awesome to see. We spent a couple hours getting everyone signed up and handing out new TGAC t-shirts, Rockstar Energy drinks, and tickets for our raffle at the end of the event. As we completed signups, it was time to split the groups and get lined up. We spent Saturday playing around on “Rippers Run”, “Skinny Minny”, “School Bus”, and a few other playground areas. Some of these obstacles were quite challenging and we had a few necessary trail fixes while out there. Thanks to a great group of folks, we got everything fixed up and got everyone off the trails and back to camp for our BBQ. Thanks to our amazing friends Gary and Dana from Texas Freedom Off Road, we all got to enjoy amazing BBQ and all the fixings to go with it. We cant thank you guys enough for making that happen for everyone. It was one of the longest food lines I think we’ve seen at an event! After everyone was done eating, we gathered everyone up and begun the raffle. We had some amazing prizes to giveaway from clothing/gear, gift certificates, stickers, prize packs, and more. Thank you to all the brands who helped donate to our raffle. On the final day, we wrapped up our interviews and a small group headed out to a playground area one last time before parting ways. We cant thank everyone enough for such a great first event for 2022. Huge thank you to all of our amazing brand partners and their great products that keep us going. Be sure to check out the “Our Partners” section on the website to view or purchase many of the items we use out on the trail. We look forward to seeing everyone throughout the year and cant wait for the next few stops!

Great American Crawl Brand Partners