The Great American Crawl- Kingman, AZ


Our very first 2023 GAC stop brought us out to Kingman, AZ for a fun weekend of wheeling. Kingman is most known for its location along famous Route 66. This town is filled with history from the past but we were excited to hit the trails. The weather forecast for this event wasn’t looking too great but cancelling the trip just wasn’t an option. After packing up Rokbugy on a trailer, we hit the road. We arrived into to Kingman on Thursday evening and prepared everything we needed to start wheeling. We drove into the meeting location Friday morning and there already a few people there ready to go. We set up our registration tent and had everyone form a line as they arrived to get checked in. Once checked in, attendees received a free GAC t-shirt, a raffle ticket, stickers, and a cold Rockstar Energy Drink. We waited around until around 9-9:30am and then started to finalize the groups. We had groups that went on easier trail runs, while some of the more built rigs lined up for harder ones. Once everyone found their respective lines we headed out into the AZ desert. We took Rokbugy and a group of others on a trail called “Barney’s Revenge”. This trail lead us up a creek bed for a few miles and into a few large boulder sections. This trail took plenty of winching from most and took us quite a few hours to complete. As darkness fell, we had finally made it off the trails and back to the trailer. We had an amazing turnout on Friday and that made it a fun day. As Saturday morning arrived, we checked in those who were just getting in and got everyone lined up. After a quick drivers meeting, the wheeling began! For our second day, we decided to join a buggy group that were headed out to “Crazy 8”. This figure eight loop has some of the biggest rocks we’ve seen and proved to be pretty extreme for most! Even the gatekeeper was a steep v-notch up a 12ft rock pile. After Crazy 8 we headed over to a trail known as “Dead Steer”. It got its name because as they broke the trail, they found a dead steer towards the top of the trail.(there is still a pile of bones up there) This obstacle was pretty wild and challenged most every rig that tried it. Multiple huge rocks created a waterfall with a deep undercut on the left side that sucked left rear tires in easily. After everyone was done playing around on the rocks, we headed back into town to get ready for dinner and the raffle. Due to the unpredictable weather conditions, we made the choice to cancel the BBQ and move dinner to an indoor location. We found a local spot called “Rickety Cricket Brewing” that had great food/drink menus and plenty of room. Huge thank you to their staff for accommodating our event and feeding us all with delicious pizza and more. Once everyone had eaten some food, we decided it was time to start the raffle. We had so many brands/partners that donated awesome gift certificates or prize packs. Everyone was excited to win something of great value, so we cant thank our partners/brands enough for the raffle items. We also would love to thank everyone who came out and joined us with possibility of rough weather. Luckily the weather held off and we didn’t even get a drop of rain on us which was perfect! Be sure to check out our partners page to see what keeps us moving on the trail. Next stop… Clash of the Clubs at Katemcy Rocks, TX! See you there!

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