The Great American Crawl- Las Cruces, NM


As we begin to work our events towards the West, our next stop took us to Las Cruces, NM for a hot wild time of wheeling. This stop was not originally on our schedule, but we dove at the opportunity to wheel here when the idea arose. We made it from the shop in California to our hotel in Las Cruces in about 11 hours. Just in time to get some rest before the crawl started Friday! As we arrived in the morning, the parking lot was already almost full of Jeepers and people here for the crawl. We were excited to see so many people there on a Friday! As we got registration setup, the line began to form. We got everyone signed up as quickly as we could, lined up, and hit the trails. Friday took us to the following trails/obstacles. We did Green Canyon, Cabin, Washout, Minefield, Frame Twister, and Bone all on Friday. Such a fun day wheeling with everyone! As Saturday came around, we moved locations and had even more people to sign up for the crawl event. Parking became tight, so after registration, we got everyone on the move. Our media team split from our main group and headed out with a bunch of rad people to simpler trails, while the others went to a much harder area. We ended up cruising out to the following areas on Saturday. We went up Presidential Staircase, down Bell Pepper, and up Hopping Jalapeno. We still had some time left after that, so we then headed out once again to Rocotillo Rapids and then down Big Jim. As the evening came, it was still pretty hot outside. The majority vote was to move the BBQ into a cooler area. One of our public members Jacob mentioned that we could all meet up at his gym(Gracie Barra Las Cruces) and do the BBQ there. Huge thank you to Jacob and Angela for letting us all BBQ and hangout at your place. Also big thank you to Andy, Ian, Danielle, Ari, Brandon, and everyone else who helped make the BBQ happen. As we all finished up our food, we began the raffle. People won Mickey Thompson signs, Rockstar Energy hats, and gift certificates to some of the best off road companies around. Huge thank you to everyone who came out and made this event so much fun and big thank you to all our trail leads who guided us all weekend! Despite the heat, we all had a blast and hope to come back soon. But wait….the weekend wasn’t quite over yet! Before the 11 hour drive home Sunday, the decision was made to head out to Habanero Falls one last time before leaving. We took a small group out to the falls and had some quick fun before loading up and driving home. Thank you again to everyone who helped out during this one. Be sure to check out our partners pages to see what parts keep us going out there on the trails. Next stop…. Browns Camp, OR!!! See you guys out there!

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