The Great American Crawl- Rausch Creek, PA


For this stop of The Great American Crawl, we headed far east to Pennsylvania to a park known as Rausch Creek. We’ve heard all about this park and how difficult some of the trails can be. Now it was time to find out for ourselves! On day one, we spent the day getting to know the park a little and checking out some pretty difficult hill climbs and obstacles. Some of the trails in this park have boulders the size of a Jeeps that really make it a fun and difficult one to navigate. As day two came around, we had a good size crowd in the parking lot all here for the crawl. Once everyone got registered, we had a drivers meeting and split everyone up into groups. There were groups for your more beginner wheelers all the way up to the more advanced group that took on some of the toughest obstacles in the park. Towards the end of the day, a storm decided to come dump some rain and really wet everything down. This made for a fun next day of wheeling cause everything was super slick! One of the toughest trails we did was called “Crucible”. This trail was full of huge rocks and trees which made for some tight squeezes! Quite a few people made it through but not without a little winch work or rock stacking to help get through. Despite more rain on the last day, we still managed to pull off the BBQ and raffle for everyone who attended. Huge thank you to everyone who donated something for this event! Everyone loved what they won and had fun chatting at the BBQ. We want to thank everyone who made it out to join us including our ambassadors. We love seeing all the new faces as well as a lot of returning ones. Also, thank you Rausch Creek Park for letting us host this stop of The Great American Crawl here. We had a great time and look forward to returning soon. Next stop is in Hollerwood, KY and we hope to see everyone there! 

Photo's from the event

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