The Great American Crawl-SMORR


The Great American Crawl is a nation wide off road event that visits some of the wildest off road parks around the US. From buggy lines to bypass lines, these places will have it all. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these parks will have something for you and whichever vehicle you bring out. The first stop of the crawl, was The Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch(SMORR) located in Seymour, MO. This ranch is a beautiful place that you can come camp on and wheel all in the same place. SMORR is known for having some of the hardest and most challenging obstacles around, so we knew this would be a fun stop. On day one we met up with everyone in the morning at the ranch. There were people from all over the US that came to hangout, wheel, and have some fun. The trails we choose for day one really put a lot of these vehicles to the test and made each driver work to get through them. Many of the vehicles that showed up had Mickey Thompson tires which really helped in this wet, steep, and rugged terrain. Having a side bitter tire was a key benefit in making it through the Missouri creek beds. One of the harder obstacles we attempted for day one was “Copperhead”. A super steep double waterfall that was beyond slippery and hard to climb. Mischief Maker and two others were the only ones to make it up. As day one ended we returned to the ranch to give the vehicles a quick check and prep for day two. As we arrived for day two, we were blown away at the amount of off road enthusiasts that had shown up for this event. Once everyone got unloaded and ready to go, we hit the trails for another fun day of wheeling. With nearly 50 vehicles with us, we had to find some good trails and spots to let people play around and test their builds. This ranch has everything from giant waterfalls, steep rocky hills, huge drops, and many off camber areas that will for sure test your abilities. Yukon Gear and Axle made many of these climbs much easier for us and a few others. One of the more challenging areas for day two was “Larry’s Hill”. This hill is made of loose rock and multiple rock walls that get harder as you climb. Overall it was an amazing event with very few people breaking or damaging anything. We had a great time and hope to return soon to check out more of the ranch and its trails. From the crew here at Rockstar Garage, we wanna thank everyone who made it out to wheel and have some fun with us. The next stop will be Windrock and we hope to see everyone there!

Photo's from the event

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