The Great American Crawl- Table Mesa, AZ


This year has been an amazing year for the The Great American Crawl. As we come to an end for 2021, we closed out our journey in Table Mesa, AZ for one last stop before we start prepping for 2022. We heard all about how difficult some of these trails can be, but we knew we had to get in there ourselves to figure it out. We arrived in Anthem Thursday evening and got everything ready to go for a Friday full of wheeling. As Friday morning arrived, we had a big surprise for one of our ambassadors. Ari has worked hard over the past year organizing the crawl events and has been needing a few upgrades to her Jeep. Her man Alex took it upon himself to make that happen! He installed new PRP seats and harnesses, Baja Designs lighting, a new best top soft top, custom roll cage, a fresh wrap, and a few more items. Needless to say, she was absolutely blown away when seeing it for the first time. Once we got her all setup and everyone checked in, we headed out for a fun day of wheeling. We went out to a trail known as “Anaconda”. This trail can be tough and has a few tricky lines to get through it. Due to the amount of vehicles, we decided to spilt the group up and sent one group through Anaconda, while another group did a more difficult trail called “Collateral Damage”. Despite a few minor breaks and some missing paint(on some) we made it through and met up with the crew in the middle to head back to the parking lot. On Saturday we headed out to get on a trail called “Terminator”. This was fun and not too difficult so it made it easier for other(not so capable) vehicles to wheel with everyone. After completing one side of Terminator, we decided to head out with smaller group to do Collateral Damage again. This time around, it seemed much more difficult to get through the obstacles. We had a few breaks and some loss of paint on a few rigs but we made it out before it got too dark. Thank you to everyone to helped get people out before heading back to the parking lot. When we arrived back at the lot, we prepped as quickly as possible for the raffle and bbq. Some friends had already fired up the bbq before we got back so everyone could eat when they returned. Once everyone got some food, we raffled off some awesome prizes and hung out with everyone for a few more hours. Thank you to everyone who helped make this trip happen. We all had a blast out in AZ! As the year comes to an end, keep your eyes peeled for the 2022 schedule for The Great American Crawl. Huge thank you to our amazing brand partners and their great products that keep us going. Be sure to check out the “Our Partners” section on the website to view or purchase many of the items we use out on the trail. Thank you everyone for an amazing year and we’re already looking forward to seeing everyone again next year.

Great American Crawl Brand Partners