The Great American Crawl- Windrock, TN


The second stop of The Great American Crawl took us to Windrock Park, TN. This is known as the largest private off road park in the nation and we couldn’t have been happier to get out there and wheel with an awesome group of fellow enthusiasts. One thing that made this trip a great time, was that we had a large amount of our ambassadors come out with their builds and play as well. This event, once again, brought in a lot of people that all wanted to hit the trails for the same reason…to push the limits of what their vehicles could do. On the first day, we showed up to pretty wet and muddy conditions with more rain on the way. Mud everywhere on the trails definitely made each obstacle quite challenging but fun! After grouping together, we did a quick ambassador run up trail 15. This trail is pretty difficult and is full of off camber spots and large boulders. It was the first time we’ve had all these ambassadors wheeling together, so there was no doubt it would be a fun day. After a couple tough hours on the trail, we made it to the top, but not without a bit of carnage within the group first. After we returned, the parking lot had begun to fill up with people there for the TGAC. A few of the ambassadors rounded them all up and headed up to trail 22 for a few hours of wheeling in the mud. As day two came, we again had a full parking lot of vehicles ready to go hit the trails. Due to the amount of people, we decided to split the groups up into two and send them on different trails. One group took on trail 16(a more difficult trail) and the other group went out to two other trails that were a little less difficult. One of the groups made it Rattle Rock. This trail location is known to be one of the toughest spots in the whole park and it proved exactly why! Overall, this park was a great time and definitely challenged every build we threw at it! Hopefully we can return soon to explore more of what Windrock, TN has to offer. We wanna say thank you to everyone who made it out to this one and we hope you can make it to the next. The next stop will be Adventure Off Road Park(AOP) in South Pittsburg, TN on September third! Cheers and stay safe!

Photo's from the event

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