Tierra Del Sol 2019


One of our favorite southern California events happens each year out in the desert known as Ocotillo Wells. This off road event brings thousands of campers and off road enthusiasts out to the desert for three fun days of wheeling as well as cruising through the vendor area. Upon arrival this year, we set up camp with Genright Offroad and Mickey Thompson Tires. We were camped right along the obstacle course so we knew it would be the perfect spot to watch all the action. From Jeeps, UTVs, Toyotas, and much more, this event has everything! On top of our Jeep builds we brought out, both R1 Concepts and Spyder Auto brought theirs out to play for the weekend. First stop for wheeling was to play around on the obstacle course and gets these things warmed up. After our fun there, we headed out on a few different trail runs with the crew and played out in the hills. It was amazing how effortless these new Mickey Thompson tires crawled up each obstacle. This year was another great year and the turn out seemed great! Thanks to everyone who came by to say hello and grab a cold Rockstar Energy drink. See you at the next one.

Photo's from the event

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