Trail Hero 2022- Sand Hollow, UT


Each year, a massive off road event is held out in Sand Hollow, UT. This event hosts a large variety of Jeep’s, Toyota’s, UTV’s, and more. This event is known as “Trail Hero” and we knew we had to be there once again! We packed up and headed out on Monday morning. Along with tools and gear, we brought out two new sets of prototype tires from Mickey Thompson that we couldn’t wait to test out. The six hour drive put us in town just in time to relax and have some dinner before a big week of wheeling. As Tuesday morning came around, we were charged and ready to hit the trails. The trail we chose first was “The Fallen”. This is a trail dedicated to warriors and hero’s who helped fight for this country. We’ve completed this trail a numerous amount of times, but each time has proposed its own set of tricky areas that test your rig out. We caught up to a few groups and eventually made our way to the flag post at the top. Once completed there, we decided to head over and play around on “The Chute”. The Chute is a well know climb with a steep v notch the entire way up. Always a fun and challenging obstacle! As the sun began to fall, we headed in for the night and prepared for another day. On Wednesday morning, we awoke to another beautiful day in Utah. Once we gathered our crew up, we headed out to a trail called “Smurfette”. This trail was a lot of fun and had a few tight spots where some winching had to be done. After a long day on this trail, we had made it the end and called it a day. Thursday morning came and we prepared ourselves for the Yukon Gear and Axle trail run. They had chose “John’s Trail” to take everyone out on for their run. There were A LOT of vehicles in the line that day but everyone seemed to flow pretty good without many issues at all. We made it most of the way through the trail and then stopped to play around on a steep hill climb that a few people hadn’t accomplished yet. After many attempts, only few were successful without a winch to help out but it was a fun time to watch. Thank you Yukon for a fun day out on Johns Trail! Once we were done there, we stopped in the dunes for a quick playground session in the sand. A few people jumped, hit berms, and ripped through the orange sands. As night fell, we headed back to the condo to rest up for a final day. On Friday, we decided to let everyone sleep in a little because we had the Baja Designs Night Run coming up! We left a few hours early and spent some time with our ambassador Kelsie Heck up on “Joint Effort”. This trail is a tough one and Kelsie really got to test out the new prototype tires! As the evening came closer, we headed out to the trail head of “Milts Mile”. The crew from Baja Designs showed up soon after us to begin the night run. With lights on for miles, the trail of vehicles illuminated the hillside in front of us making it so much fun to wheel at night. Thank you Baja Designs for a fun night run with everyone! Overall, it was a great trip. GRDLOC did excellent on the new tires, and our ambassadors also seemed to enjoy them. We cant wait til these get released, so keep your eyes peeled. We want to give a huge shoutout to out ambassadors and friends who made it out to hangout, wheel, have some fun. Also, thank you to the crew at Trail Hero for another awesome year in Sand Hollow! Check our partners pages to see what keeps us going on the trail and we look forward to seeing everyone again at this event.

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