Winter 4×4 Jamboree


One of the first big events of the year was the Winter 4×4 Jamboree and took place in Hurricane, UT. We decided to take four vehicles out this year to play around with. We loaded up Grdloc 2.0, Mischief Maker JKU, the Scosche Inc. Gladiator, and the R1 Concepts Gladiator. Sand Hollow State park is where we met up with everyone for a couple fun days of wheeling and putting these Jeeps to the true off road test. Grdloc is running like an absolute beast and made even the toughest of obstacles look pretty simple. Mischief Maker also turned some heads with some amazing work and made it to almost everywhere Grdloc did! The Gladiators did amazing as well but with that longer wheel base, some of the bigger obstacles proved to be quite tricky. Overall, very impressed with the Jeep JT’s. We had some amazing weather throughout the trip and got to see some awesome friends from the off road community. Sand Hollow is one of our favorite places to wheel. With a mix of both rock and sand, it gives drivers good opportunities to really have some fun. All of our parts on these vehicles performed just as they are supposed to without any issues. This event was a great way to kick off 2020 and with EJS and KOH coming up here soon, you can expect to see the Rockstar Garage crew a lot more. See everyone soon! Check out the gallery below for some of the images we captured.

Photo's from the event

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