Winter Day in Big Bear


Mickey Thompson Tires recently developed a new off road tire and we decided to take it up to Big Bear and do some winter testing! We put the new 43 inch beast on the Spyder Auto JK and headed up the mountain with a few of our friends. We don’t always get chances to go play in the snow, so we tend to have quite a bit of fun on these trips. After some time on the trail, we soon found out that the new Baja Pro X tire is an extremely capable off road tire that wasn’t stopped by anything we threw at it.  R1 Brakes came out with us with both their new Jeep JL as well as Battleship JK. The trail we decided to get done was John Bull and all three Jeeps accomplished just that. Couldn’t have been a much better day in the snow and we’re hoping to get back up there again before it all melts for the season.

Photo's from the event

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