Great American Crawl Hits Windrock, TN!


The Windrock off-roading event was an awesome experience, filled with thrilling rides, teamwork, and some unexpected turns. The event started on Friday with the entire team, including Andy, Nic, Ian, Jeff, Cameron & Danielle, Chris, Kamryn & Austin, Jordan, and Danny, embarking on an adventurous trail ride. They tackled trails 39 and 40, setting the tone for an exhilarating weekend.

On Saturday, the team split into smaller groups to conquer various challenging terrains. Nic and Andy joined a group of buggies to navigate Atomic Ridge, where Andy had a bit of a ‘Jeep vs. Gravity’ moment (spoiler: gravity won this round), leading to Andy’s jeep temporarily bowing out of action. Meanwhile, Cameron, Danielle, and Kyle took on Waldens Ridge, and Danny, Jordan, and Ian braved trail 75. Amidst these adventures, the team also hung out and made new friends while facilitating check-ins at the general store lot on both Friday and Saturday mornings.

The event was not without its memorable moments. Andy experienced a dramatic rollover, while Ian dealt with an unexpected airbag deployment on the trail. Jordan spent his Friday evening disassembling his transfer case, and Cameron encountered a broken driveshaft. Despite these challenges, the team spirit remained high, wrapping up the event with a free BBQ dinner and raffle at the campground pavilion on Saturday evening for all attendees. Prizes included a set of wheels from Dirty Life, and a set of Mickey Thompson Baja Boss tires. Other contributions came from Baja Designs, Yukon Gear and Axle, Motobilt, PRP Seats, Magnaflow, Odyssey Battery, OnX, K&N, Scosche, SPod 4×4, Powertank, and JS Alternator. The raffle was a highlight of the evening, symbolizing the community’s camaraderie and passion for adventure. The event was a testament to the team’s resilience and passion for off-roading, leaving everyone with unforgettable memories and stories to share

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