The Great American Crawl- Las Cruces, NM


We started off the 2024 Crawl season in the extreme terrain of Las Cruces New Mexico.Hitting this area early in the year let us enjoy much nicer spring weather than our previous visit in the heat of summer. To date, this ended up being our largest Crawl event with over 250 rigs registered to attend. This many rigs would normally present a challenge in this area but luckily Mr. Ernie Armijo, a local fellow wheeler, secured a local ballfield complex to use for the weekend.

We hit the ground running on day one as we headed for Warpath, an intense trail with a daunting gatekeeper. The near 12’ vertical ledge was deeply undercut and quickly let everyone know what was in store. This was a great trail that tested the limits of both the drivers and their rigs at every obstacle. Luckily the only carnage was a broken lockout on Chris’s JT and slip yoke on Andy’s rig towards the end of the day. Once we wrapped up on the trail and got everyone back to the ballfield, the team headed back into town to grab some dinner and prep for day two.

Day two brought us another great day of weather as the group headed out to Area 51. The trails were a little easier on day two, with heavy emphasis on “a little.” Saturday’s group was a bit larger but we still made great time as we worked through the obstacles. After a quick lunch break, some of the team broke away and headed back to the ballfield and fired up the grill to start cooking for the event dinner. Those who remained on the trail suffered some carnage at the exit of the last trail with a few rollovers in the group ahead of us and one of our ambassadors, Robert, breaking a coilover. After getting the trail damage taken care of, and folks back to the ballpark, it was time to eat and give away some awesome prizes from our great brand partners.

A huge thank you to Ernie for locking down a location for us, Trey & Cord, our west coast managers for putting everything together, Mr Jason & Mrs Stephanie Privette for jumping to help at every turn with spotting, picking up food, and helping the team prepare dinner for everyone.

The first stop of 24’ was a great time and we can’t wait to see everyone on the trails again soon.

Great American Crawl Brand Partners