Progressive King of the Hammers presented by Optima Battery


The 2022 King of the Hammers was indeed another year for the books. First off, we want to thank everyone who helped make this year as awesome as it was. We had a great group there with us and couldn’t have had a better time. As we arrived on Saturday, we got the RV’s all setup and prepared ourselves for a long week ahead. The next day we woke up and spent most of the afternoon/evening shooting photos and video for team Yukon Gear and Axle. Such a large team and its amazing to see Yukon growing each year. On Monday, we spent the day cruising around showing our friend Brock O’Hurn what King of the Hammers is really about. We went and checked out multiple heavy obstacles and got to witness some carnage before race day. As the night time came upon us, it was time for the Shootout event. This event is always wild and packed full of some of the rowdiest fans you’ll ever see! After multiple rollovers and breaks, there were two successful competitors that made it to the top. That next day was the EMC Qualifying day. Our media team packed up and took the course to capture some killer content for our supporting teams. The next day was the same course but this time it was Ultra 4 Qualifying. The big dawgs all came out swinging for the top spot this year and made it fun to watch for everyone. As we got closer to race days, we did have a day in between where our media team spent hours taking our builds out and collecting some amazing content for our brands and partners. One of our newest is The Wheel Group, and we are excited to have a multi-year contact with them for upcoming builds/events. The next two days were the big race days! We spent both days chasing as many Mickey Thompson Tires drivers and Yukon drivers as we could find. This race is absolutely punishing and it really showed this year with how many drivers simply couldn’t finish the race. We congratulate those who did and applaud those who even attempted this wild race. Big thank you to team Mickey Thompson, Yukon Gear and Axle, our ambassadors who came out, and everyone else who was with us. We’re keeping the bags packed and ready for next year. Huge thank you to all of our amazing brand partners and their great products that keep us going. Be sure to check out the “Our Partners” section on the website to view or purchase many of the items we use out on the trail. See you guys on the lakebed!

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