Rigid Rampage at Ridgecrest


This stop for the Ultra 4 racing series took place out in Ridgecrest, CA and team Genright had their race car fully ready to battle this one out. This event is a multiple lap race with sections of both high speed desert, as well as steep rocky areas that really push these vehicles to their limits. The team over at Genright had not been back racing since KOH, but it was great to have them back at it and competing with the top racers again. During race day, the weather was hot and dry which made for tough conditions for both the drivers and the cars themselves. Many of the vehicles racing suffered from over heating issues and had to drop out of the race. Team Genright pushed their way through the heat and were able to complete the 200+ mile race and even finish in the top 10! Congrats to the whole team for all the hard work to get the car there and keep it running through the brutal conditions. It was great to see so many parts and pieces of the car hold up and make it to the finish line.

Photo's from the event

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