SEMA Show 2019


From November 3rd through the 6th, the Las Vegas Convention Center hosts a premier automotive specialty products trade event known as The SEMA Show. This massive show has 12 sections, 2400 exhibitors, and nearly 3,000 newly introduced parts and components. SEMA brings in over 70,000 domestic and international buyers all to one place. With three new Jeep Gladiator builds, GRDLOC 2.0, the Can-Am, Corvette, and a list of rad ambassadors, we knew this would be a big year. GRDLOC seemed to be quite the hit as it was flexed hard up in our Rockstar Garage booth. We got a lot more people passing through this year because of the move from south upper hall over to the new location in central hall. It was great to see the amount of people passing by each day and checking this build out. Another big hit at SEMA, was The Pandra! Located over in the Spyder Auto booth, they had the fresh new Pandra build as well as the original Pandra that burned up in the Camp Fire near Paradise, CA. Seeing both trucks there at the same time was awesome and it was cool to see Allyn getting some much love from everyone who came by to check them out. If you made your way over to the R1 Concepts booth, you would have seen they not only had a rad new Supra, but they also had Jordan Pellegrino’s unlimited Ultra 4 race car. A lot of hard work went into getting that car ready and we cant wait to see it race King of the Hammers this next year. As Friday came around, we packed up the booth and got ready for SEMA Ignited. The parade and ignited show take place just after the show itself is over. Many of the vehicles from the show all line up and participate. Once the parade is through, they start up the drifting demos, freestyle motocross stunts, and much more! Such a fun way to close out a very long week for everyone. We also got some time in on Saturday morning, to cruise out to the desert for our annual photo shoot. Thank you to those who came out and let us snap some photos of your vehicles! Overall, this year was an amazing/successful year at The SEMA Show. We wanna thank our ambassadors for your hard work over the week as well as everyone who came by our booth to check out GRDLOC 2.0. We hope to see everyone again next year!

Photo's from the event

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