The Great American Crawl presented by Mickey Thompson Tires/7th Annual Clash of the Clubs presented by B&R Performance at Katemcy Rocks, TX


For this trip we headed out to Katemcy Rocks Off-Road Park in Mason, TX and we decided to blend together two amazing events! We spent a day doing our Great American Crawl event and another day helping out with the 7th Annual Clash of the Clubs. We spent days prior to the event traveling into Mason, TX and arrived Thursday afternoon to prep for the weekend. Once Friday morning came, we set up our Great American Crawl signup booth and began registration. Once we said our hellos and got everyone registered, we formed rows and sent each group to a different trail within the park. Our group decided to drive out to “Rippers Run” to begin the day. This trail has a few different lines to take and both can be fairly difficult to navigate. After getting everyone through, we then decided to head to “Hannibal Lector”. This trail has a few large ledges that make climbing up and through difficult for some. We had a few that made it clean and a few others that had to pull winch lines. This park has a few shorter trails/obstacles which makes it possible to wheel quite a few in a day. With more time in the day, we still had time to complete both “Fence Line” as well as “School Bus”. Both these trails were fun to cruise through with such a fun group. Once we finished up School Bus, the sun was lowering and the day was coming to a close. Huge thanks you to our trail leads who came out and also everyone who registered and wheeled with us for the Great American Crawl. As Saturday morning came, we spent the morning getting all the clubs and their members registered for the 7th Annual Clash of the Clubs. This event hosted four clubs from around the country in a timed battle for the best trail times. The first location of the day took us back to Hannibal Lector. A few struggled with this obstacle and had to take 10 minute times. A few others conquered it and set some good times to start the day. The second location of the day lead us to the entrance of “King of the Hill”. This has a huge boulder climb entrance to get into it and then a massive rock garden once you’re in it. These rocks made for quite a show for everyone spectating. Once times were set here, we continued further down the trail to the King of the Hill obstacle. This was a huge vertical climb up a 12-15ft ledge! This obstacle was also very tough for some of the participants but others fought and made their way up and around the course with times under 10 minutes. Great job by all the clubs to get through these three tough trails. After completion of the three main trails, it was time for a bonus line. This years bonus line took us to “Smokin Butt*ole”. Winner with the best time takes home some cash for this one! This obstacle has a deep v notch entrance and goes into an even larger steep v notch at the top. We had one rollover and thankfully everyone made it out safe and drove out. Once completed there we had to get back to camp and prepare for the raffles, dinner, and announcement of the big winner! We started with getting everyone lined up for a delicious dinner and then began the GAC raffle. We gave away so many great prizes including a set of Dirty Life wheels, a set of Mickey Thompson tires, Yukon Gear and Axle gift cards, and more. Big thank you to all the companies who donated prizes for our GAC event. We then moved into the Clash of the Clubs raffle. They had prizes from a Power Tank/supplies, Yukon recovery gear, coffee packages, and more. Once all the raffle stuff was wrapped up, it was time to announce the winners. After all the times were tallied up, “Make-it or Break-it” took home the win with Misfits 4×4 Laredo coming in second. These two were followed by Moccasin Creek Jeep Club in third and East Texas Jeep Outlaws coming in fourth. Congrats to the winners and thank you everyone for coming out and having some fun with us! We would also like to give a huge thank you to Shain and Randy of Katemcy Rocks Off-Road Park for letting us host our events at their park and have some fun. Another big thank you goes out to Dana and Gary for all the amazing food, Bill/Andy/Chris for all the help with our GAC event, and David for keeping track of all the times/scoring. Couldn’t have done it without all your help and help from many others as well. Our next GAC stop will be out in West Virginia at Good Evening Ranch(see schedule for dates and upcoming events). Thank you again everyone and be sure to check out our partners page to see who helps us continue to make this happen. See you soon!

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