The Great American Crawl- Black Mountain, KY


Stop number four of The Great American Crawl lead us straight to Harlan, KY for a fun weekend at Black Mountain Off Road Park. Deep in the woods of Kentucky hides one of the toughest parks we’ve seen around the country. This park is a jungle and full of huge boulders, which make many of the trail extremely difficult! Many of these trails also include huge drops and big waterfalls that will make even the largest builds look small. On friday, we met up with our ambassadors as well as some others that came out to join us for the crawl. We spent almost the entire day out on the trails having a good time! On Saturday, we had an even larger group show up, so we decided to split the groups up into two and spread out across the park. One of the groups decided to try an obstacle known as “Lion’s Den”. This is a tough spot and has claimed many vehicles! Luckily for us, the couple the tried it out, made it without any problems. These vehicles wouldn’t hold up if it wasn’t for all the amazing parts that our partners provide! We cant thank them enough. On Sunday, MischiefMaker took a small group of wheelers to go play on the trails while some of us finished up some interviews and photoshoots. Thank you to those who came out to this event. Next stop will be Wolf Caves,TX and we hope to see everyone there for another fun weekend of pushing our machines to the limit!

Photo's from the event

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