The Great American Crawl- Browns Camp, OR


One of our farthest west stops took us to Browns Camp, OR. Trees, mountains, and giant boulders cover most of the terrain up here so we knew it was gonna be a fun time. We started Friday off with a few fun trails. We did Waterfall, Can Opener, Little Rubicon, and then to one of the hardest spots….7-Up! Minus a few breaks within the group, we all still managed to get safely back to the parking lot. On Saturday, we had even more people show up there in the parking lot to wheel. We also had the privilege of having the Yukon Gear and Axle team down for the day to hand out Yukon swag and join us for some wheeling. This park is widely spread out and it takes time to move from obstacle to obstacle. After registration ended Saturday morning, we took a large group out to play around on Airplane Hill. Once everyone made it through that area, we took a smaller group out to Crushers. Crushers is a well known rock garden area full of giant boulders and holes everywhere. Crushers tested quite a few rigs but we once again made it out and safely to the parking lot. As the evening rolled around, we did the bbq, raffle, and launched some t shirts in the air. Thank you to everyone who came out to join us and thank you again to team Yukon for coming out to join everyone. Be sure to check out our partners pages to see how we keep going on the trails.

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