The Great American Crawl – Disney, OK


On this stop of the Great American Crawl, we rounded up the crew and headed out to Disney, Oklahoma. This park has a unique layout of short trails and intense obstacles scattered below the spillways of the Pensacola Dam on Grand Lake. Since this park was more open than we were used to, we were able to wheel with a much larger group and saw more rigs than usual lining up to hit the same obstacles. From smaller waterfalls like Little Blue to the much more intimidating walls of Cialis and Viagra, whether it be low-speed crawling or pedal-to-the-metal throttle: there was something here for everyone with builds of all types. After two days of playing on the rocks, we ended our trip in typical GAC fashion with a BBQ and raffle for all of our guests in attendance. Thank you to everyone who came out to wheel with us and to our amazing sponsors and team of ambassadors who made this event happen. We hope to see you on the next one!

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