The Great American Crawl – Hawk Pride Mountain, AL


We recently took The Great American Crawl to Hawk Pride Mountain in Tuscumbia, Alabama—a 1,000-acre park with trails ranging from scenic roads to challenging obstacles. Our ambassadors and guests joined us on Friday as we pushed our rigs to their limits, tackling tight forest paths, expansive rock gardens, and other difficult obstacles. Although there were multiple rollovers, numerous recoveries, and Rokbugy experiencing its first major break which ended its Saturday early, everyone had an amazing time and pushed their rigs to the extreme. We wrapped up weekend with a BBQ and raffle, generously sponsored by our brand partners, which included giveaways like a free set of Dirty Life Wheels and a set of Mickey Thompson Tires. We’re grateful to our ambassadors, affiliates, brands, and everyone who joined us for making this event a blast. We can’t wait to see you at our next stop!

Great American Crawl Brand Partners