The Great American Crawl- SMORR, MO


The Great American Crawl took it back to where it all started! We rounded up the crew, made our way out to Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch (SMORR), and saw one of the biggest crowds for a GAC event to date! The weekend was filled with muddy trails, lightning storms, insane obstacles, and a whole lot of throttle. Day 1 was spent breaking in the rigs and seeing who could find traction on the slick rocks and mud-covered lines, and went into a night run that ended with lightning and heavy downpour. We also had the chance to unveil the brand-new Rockstar Energy semi-truck and set up shop to provide some exclusive GAC deals on parts from our friends at Yukon Gear and Axle. On Saturday, we met up with the crowd at the obstacle, Copperhead, where Rokbugy was able to show everyone what the not-so-little bug was truly capable of. After another full day of wheeling, everyone gathered back at the pavilion for some BBQ, barrel racing, raffles, and live music by the Whiskey Trio. Thank you to the SMORR staff, our ambassadors, and the over 150 rigs and countless folks who made this a Great American Crawl to remember!

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