The Great American Crawl- Wolf Caves, TX


The fifth stop of The Great American Crawl took us towards the west and in Texas! After plenty of wet, steep, and muddy east coast wheeling, we headed to Wolf Caves in Mason, TX. This place was nothing like the east coast trails! Wolf Caves has a ton of massive rock faces with plenty of obstacles in between. This place has been a family owned park since the 1800s. Originally the land was used to farm peanuts. Luckily for us, the place has now become an amazing and highly used off road park. Everything is marked with paint markers so you cant get lost. Spending two and half days here was the perfect amount to really explore a few hard trails and really push our builds. Within those days, we met so many amazing people that gave us knowledge of the place and helped us with a few trail breaks. We had such a fun time wheeling here with everyone and for sure be back for more! Huge thank you to the owners for coming out with us and spending time chatting. We cant wait to see everyone at Trail Hero in Utah!!

Photo's from the event

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